Trapper Galloway Ranch

Wyoming man a tireless promoter of Galloways
by John Wilder

Floyd "Kit" Smith

925 North 7th Street, Apt. 6
Greybull, WY  82426

(307) 272-3247


**Cattle, Embryos and Semen FOR SALE**

Trapper Galloways

Oldest Herd of Galloway Cattle in the
Western United States

Galloways ~ World's Most Efficient Cows!

After 50 years in business, Trapper Galloway Ranch is undergoing a complete dispersal due to shortage of pasture, permanent disability and old age! Although the herd is pretty small, it does include offspring of Emperor of Upper Barr (pictured above).

Also included are over 1,000 units of semen from 24 all time greats such as 4WF Panda (white), Rough Rider Extra "Bucko", Globe Titan, and small amounts from Emperor of Upper Barr and Dandy William of CBI.

I started in the Galloway business in 1961 when I was a teenager. I have extensive knowledge of the breed and of the most productive bloodlines, as well as the unproductive ones. I am available for consulting regarding the breeding and management of Galloway cattle. Please feel free to contact me.

“Decebe of Trapper” - SOLD!
dob: 3-25-08

Reserve Grand Champion Bull
Grand Champion Bull Calf

Bovigen DNA Feed Efficiency (FE) Results: 7 Stars!

Decebe sold to a long time grass fed beef producer!

Semen For Sale: Proven herd sire
Sire: Chief Joseph
Dam: Diamond B Lisa 31L

Diamond B Titan II 2A (Dun)
Offspring for sale at all times...

Cattle of this breeding for sale...

Geordawn Axel
Cattle of this breeding for sale...

Dandy William of CBI
Cattle of this breeding for sale...